Galaxy S20 series is eligible for One UI 5.1 update: Here’s the news

Samsung has changed its update policy twice in the last three years. From “3 years major OS update with 4 years security patches” to “4 years major OS update with 5 years security patches”, Samsung surely came a long way. At present, excluding the One Plus, Samsung is the only and first manufacturer who promised 4 major OS updates. However, many of its Galaxy devices are not added to this category, not even the Galaxy S20 series.

As mentioned, the Galaxy S20 series is lined up for three major OS updates only; consequently, the series got farewell from the Android update category after Android 13’s rollout. Because the rumors of One UI 5.1’s arrival are gaining wide popularity, an obvious question has come into us users’ minds, “Are the Galaxy S20 series devices still eligible for the One UI 5.1 update, or will their users end up being disappointed only?” Let’s find out.

Galaxy S20 will get the One UI 5.1 update

Thankfully, the Galaxy S20 series devices are still eligible for the One UI 5.1 update. The reason is it is an additional update that doesn’t require a newer OS and can be delivered to the already available Android 13, which the Galaxy S20 series already have; therefore, there is no reason for the Galaxy S20 devices not to get it. Informatively, just like the most recent One UI 5.0, the One UI 5.1 is also based on Android 13, which makes its arrival in the Galaxy S20 series even more obvious.

Apart from it, traces of One UI 5.1’s testing in the Galaxy S20 series has also been found recently. According to Sammobile, two new firmware versions, G980FXXUFHWA1 and G980FXXUFGWA5, appeared on Samsung’s server. If you pay attention, there is an H in the 10th place of the first firmware that suggests major updates, and the G in the 10th place of the second firmware resembles the S20 series because One UI 5.0-based S20 devices have the same in it. Hence, it is crystal clear that One UI 5.1 will surely reach the Galaxy S20 series.

Samsung is testing One UI 5.0 to several Galaxy smartphones

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