T-Mobile serving new firmware for Galaxy Z Flip 5G in the US

In a few days, Samsung has updated several Galaxy devices with the January 2023 update, a security maintenance update that improves the overall performance and security of the device. The Korean giant initially updated the Galaxy Note 10 devices. Then he expanded the update to other devices, but most of the devices are stuck with the Android 13 update due to carrier restrictions.

T-Mobile Galaxy Z Flip 5G December 2022 update in the US

However, Samsung is updating the Galaxy Z Flip 5G to the December 2022 security patch, and it is available on the carrier-locked via T-Mobile. Users can identify the latest update by the version number F707USQS3GVL1. A couple of days ago the update has already rolled out for unlocked units.

The December 2022 security update includes several bug fixes which are related to the device performance and stability, and according to the information, the update resolves 90+ security vulnerabilities; Google has included 80 patches which are available for all android phones, while Samsung has also added 13 more patches which are exclusively available for Galaxy devices.

Moreover, the security update brings solutions regarding the bugs that can harm the user’s data safety, so it is beneficial to update your device on time.

The carrier locked varioant of  Galaxy Z Flip 5G can install the latest update by the following the steps

  1. Go to the device settings
  2. Then click on the software updates button
  3. Now tap on download and install 
  4. wait until the search is finished,
  5. If it shows the security update is available, tap on the install button, 
  6. It will start downloading and get installed automatically.

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