Samsung’s first foldable (Galaxy Z Tab) tablet to launch with the Galaxy Tab S9 series

It won’t be wrong to call Samsung the founder of foldable devices, as their Galaxy Z foldable device has brought an undeniable revolutionary in the smartphone market. Foldable devices have become so popular that now they have a separate fanbase from regular smartphone devices. Now, the Korean firm is planning to launch its first foldable Tablet- the Galaxy Z Tab. We recently found a hint regarding its launch. So, let’s know it. 

Recently, tipster Revegnus shared a Tweet on his Twitter account in which he revealed that the first foldable Galaxy tablet, the Galaxy Z Tab devices, will be launched alongside the flagship Tablet series Galaxy Tab S9. Notably, this tablet series itself is said to be launched in the same Event as the next-gen foldable, probably in August. So, it won’t be wrong to say the foldable Tablet will come alongside the 5th-gen Galaxy foldable series. 

Galaxy Z Tab: A two-way foldable tri-fold device?

About the upcoming foldable Galaxy tablet, it will be a tri-fold tablet. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding this brand-new Tablet’s specs, but we do find a little hint about the device’s design. If we look at the drawing from a patent filed by Samsung a couple of years ago, we can see the design of a tri-fold device, which may be similar to what is used in this soon-to-be-launched Galaxy Z Tab device.

If that’s the case, the Galaxy Z Tab device will be a two-way foldable tri-fold device. In specific, it can be folded forward, as well as backward, as per your choice, depending on whether you want to completely close its display or want to create a wider display with a wide-aspect ratio. Besides, as it is a tri-fold device, it will be made up of three parts joined together through two hinges, as shown in the below-mentioned images. 

However, it is just what the link shows, but the company hasn’t said anything about it yet. Mostly, the device doesn’t turn out to be exactly like what patent images show, so we are suggesting you accept it with a pinch of salt. After its launch, it will be interesting to see what this new foldable Tablet will bring with it. Until then, we can just assume or predict the upcoming advancements and novelties. 

Galaxy Z Tab: What to Expect?

As we haven’t got any clue regarding this upcoming Galaxy Z Tab device, and neither the internet has anything to unveil, at this moment, we can only predict. So, we are expecting that the device will be booted with Android 13 or Android 13 L with a layer of One UI 5.1 on top of it. Besides, it is possible that the tri-fold Tablet will feature the Galaxy Tab S9-like Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy Chipset in it. 

We leave the rest to you to think about what you are expecting from this device or what you want to see in it. Sooner or later, if we find any minor or major information regarding this device, we will share it with you through our upcoming articles. 

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