Carrier-unlocked Galaxy S23 gets April 2023 major camera improving update in the US

Samsung has recently rolled out a software update for its latest flagship devices, the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The new update is aimed at enhancing the camera performance of the Galaxy S23 trio while addressing various bugs and glitches.

The latest April 2023 security update for the locked version of the Galaxy S23 smartphone has already been rolled out on the T-Mobile network carriers in the US, and carrier-unlocked (T-Mobile) users are currently receiving it. It has firmware versions S91*U1UEU1AWC and weighs approximately 914.37 MB.

Additionally, users in several regions worldwide, including Europe, South Korea, South Africa, India, and Indonesia, are already experiencing the latest camera features that were introduced in the update.

What’s New:

Samsung introduced a new autofocus algorithm in its latest software update for the Galaxy S23 trio, which promises to improve photography speed for its users. With this update, the camera app will capture photos instantly, even if the focus is not yet fully set when the shutter button is pressed.

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However, some users may prefer the app to capture a photo only after the proper focus is set. In such cases, users can easily customize the camera app’s behavior by navigating to the Camera Assistant > Prioritize focus over speed menu, allowing them to prioritize focus accuracy over speed.

You can check the image below for more details about the update:

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