Samsung’s new challenge for PUBG Mobile players: Version 2.5

Players Unknown Battlegrounds, aka PUBG Mobile, is a widely-popular battle royale game. Recently, the South Korean firm has brought a challenge for the PUBG mobile players, in which they need to survive for 23 minutes in one of the newly arrived modes. Notably, in celebration of its 5th anniversary, the PUBG Mobile game received the latest update, 2.5, along with some new modes. Samsung’s challenge also refers to these new modes. 

Let us inform you in this new update; the game got a new themed game mode named “Imagiversary.” This new mode includes an anniversary scenery and some items along with two new environments. The first one is Imagination Plaza, which is a 110×110 large area, and the second one is Imagination District, which is a medium-sized 60×60 area. This new themed gameplay supports two maps only- Erangel and Livik.

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Now, let’s know what these new environments have up their sleeves. Informatively, Imagination Plaza contains various small crates and one large crate at the center that has advanced supplies. On the other hand, Imagination District contains supply rewards along with loot of a small number of advanced supplies but only in a certain location. Besides the environments, the update also brought three new items and a feature. 

These new items are Block Cover, Portable Trampoline, and Dual-Purpose Cannon. A new feature, “Supply Converter,” also joined the game, which lets you get new supplies by converting them 2 for 1. Now let’s move on to our main topic, Samsung’s challenge. 

Samsung Challenged PUBG Mobile Players

Recently, SamsungMobileUS shared a Tweet on their official Twitter account in which they challenged PUBG Mobile Players. It’s the third in-game challenge that is a kind of survival challenge. In specific, users need to survive in the newly-added Imagiversary mode for a total of 23 minutes. The challenge is up between April 10th to April 16th. Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t reveal what the prices would be. 

As the survival test is 23 minutes long, the company might be trying to refer to its latest Galaxy S23 series with it. The top-notch model of this series, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, is said to offer an extremely superior and lifelike gaming experience. In that case, grabbing the Mobile Gamers’ attention towards them by using the widely-popular Mobile Game PUBG’s name will surely benefit the company. 

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