Which older Samsung Galaxy phones and what new camera features will they get?

As part of a software update, Samsung improved the camera of its latest flagship series, the Galaxy S23 Series. However, according to the previous report, gradually improve the cameras of your older smartphones as well. Individual smartphones should receive individual functions in the coming weeks.

Professional photo and video mode for selfie camera

Samsung enthusiasts, get ready to take your photography game to the next level! In a recent announcement made by a Samsung community moderator, it has been revealed that the Galaxy S22 Series and Galaxy Z Fold4 will soon be equipped with a professional mode for shooting videos and taking selfies. With this new feature, users can expect to have more precise control over camera settings such as exposure, focus, aperture, ISO, and more, all through the Expert RAW application.

Astro Hyperlapse

The Galaxy S22 Series and Galaxy Z Fold4 will also receive Astro Hyperlapse features. This means that users will be able to capture stunning time-lapse videos of the night sky, complete with visible celestial bodies such as stars.

Smoother transition between cameras

Samsung will provide a smoother transition between different camera sensors in the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Z Fold4, and Galaxy Z Flip4. Switching will thus be less disruptive, especially when shooting video.

Improved photo editing

The Galaxy S22, S21, S20, and Note 20 series models and all Z Fold and Z Flip folding smartphones will have the function of editing photos using AI. It can correct distortion, erase reflections or improve GIF images.

Better search in the Gallery app

The Gallery app will be able to use keywords to find what you’re looking for. This update is coming to the same smartphones that were featured in the previous feature.

Automatic framing

The Galaxy S22 series will get the automatic framing feature from the Galaxy S23 series. It can single out people in the frame and digitally zoom in on them to place them in the center. The user can also choose a specific person on whom the camera will focus and frame.

Image Clipper

The Image Clipper feature allows you to cut out a specific person or object from a photo and send/download it as a separate image. In addition to the Galaxy S22 series, it will also come to all Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip devices and every flagship smartphone released since the Galaxy Note 20.

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