Galaxy S22 and S23 get camera improvement April 2023 update in Canada

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S23 users in Canada will be pleased to know that the latest April 2023 Security update brings significant camera improvements to their devices. The new update includes enhancements that allow users to take better photos and videos, even in low-light conditions.

The Galaxy S22 series, with the build number S90*WVLU2CWCF, and the Galaxy S23 series, with the build number S91*WVLU1AWC8, have received camera upgrades that make taking pictures easier and more enjoyable. The update has changed the autofocus (AF) concept so that when users press the shooting button, they can take a photo even when the focus is not fully set.

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What’s New:

Users can also change their camera settings through the latest Camera assistant to shoot better. Samsung has added a new option to the Camera Assistant module of Good Lock that prioritizes focus over motion. This new feature is especially useful when taking pictures of moving objects or people.

The video mode on both the Galaxy S22 and S23 series has also been improved with the latest update. Users can now capture better-quality videos in low indoor light, which was a common issue in previous versions. The update has fixed a bunch of issues related to image stabilization, including green lines, banding noise, blurring, malfunction when Scene optimization is off, Super Steady function, third-party video calls, and more.

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