Samsung Galaxy phones: Play Store will auto-archive unused applications

It’s still a dream to have unlimited storage in your smartphone device, and its limitation makes it difficult to have as many apps/media/data in your phone as you want. You may have a device with vast storage, but it will also be filled after a certain limit. If the device’s space fills up, users need to delete space-occupying apps or delete their personal data. Now, there’s no need to do that anymore to free up space, as Google came up with a more suitable feature – Autoarchive. Let’s know what it is.

Let us inform you this feature has been visible to the Google Play Store while the application was at version 33.4. Now, the novelty has officially been mentioned on Google Play Store version 33.5’s changelog. As it is official now, the company will make it available to the max to max devices soon, including Samsung’s Galaxy phones, as they also run on Google’s Android. If you are a Galaxy user, know what this new feature is. 

Autoarchive: What is it?

Informatively, the search engine giant Google has recently introduced a brand-new feature named Autoarchive. This new feature lets you free up your device’s space without completely uninstalling any application or deleting personal data. This feature will be a part of the Google Play Store. To use it, one needs to enable it through the Google Play Store, and all the less-used apps will be partially removed. 

Let us tell you when an app gets partially removed; its icon will still be visible on your device but with a small cloud with an arrow inside. The app’s data will also be kept stored on your device. However, this feature will work with those applications that have been published by using the app bundle. Notably, if the application gets removed from the Google Play Store, its data will also be removed from your device. 

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To start using the partially removed application again, users just need to tap on the app icon, and the application will be downloaded again. After restoring the application, it will be back to the situation in which it was during its partial removal through Autoarchive. 

Autoarchive: How to Use?

If you want to use this feature, follow the below-listed steps. 

  • Firstly, try to install a new application on your device while its memory is also full. 
  • While doing this, a new pop-up window will appear on your device’s screen to ask if you want to enable the Auto-archive feature or not. 
  • After agreeing to it, all the rarely-used applications will be partially removed to make space for the new app.

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