Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 users now can easily find games on Play store

In this modern era of technology, we are surrounded by several smart devices, including Watches, TVs, and other Automotive devices. The good part is all these apps can be organized with the help of your smartphone device. However, sometimes it becomes really complicated to find a suitable device for your paired smart devices. Back in September, to make the search easy, Google launched the “Other Devices” option.

Informatively, Google Play Store’s “Other Device” option lets you search particular applications for our paired WearOS, TV, and Automotive devices. Now, the search engine giant has extended this new option’s utility. As a result, now you can search for WearOS games as well with the “Other Device” option. If you are searching for compatible Games for your WearOS-booted Galaxy Watches, follow the steps listed below. 

  • First, open the “Google Play Store” application. 
  • Now, go to the “Games” Feed. 
  • Choose the Other Device option, which is located after “For You” and “Top Charts.” 
IMG- 9to5Google

Let’s inform you previously, Google Play Store only showed the TV option, but now the WearOS option also appears. The search for Galaxy Watch4 & Watch5 compatible games is divided into two sections- “Relax with games for your watch: Forget the time” and “Challenging games on the go: Win on your watch.” Under these sections, you can find suitable games which you can download and play on your Galaxy Watch. 

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Besides this, you can also find games by searching for them or using the “Your Device” filter. However, there are not as many gaming options as your smartphone or tablet has because the smartwatch’s Displays are smaller than usual. Still, having something to pass the time on such a small device is ideal. On top of that, this new feature makes it easier to find different gaming options. Undoubtedly, the novelty sure is praise-worthy.

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Thanks to “9to5Google