Samsung One UI 6 may adopt these Android 14 features

Samsung owns one of the heaviest and most-reliable User Interfaces- One UI. It has launched five generations of One UI, and the 6th one is on its way. However, One UI 6 will take a few months to launch, and the company still hasn’t shared a word regarding it. Notably, this new software will be based on Android 14, which means many of this new OS’ novelties will make their way to One UI 6 as well. Let’s know some of them. 

Let us inform you as the One UI gets the base of Android, it is obvious that Galaxy device users get the benefit of both Samsung and Google’s incredibilities, as the search engine giant owns Android and One UI is Samsung’s. In today’s article, we will talk about some such Android 14 features, which may be included in One UI 6 as well. All of these features are listed below. 

Back arrow for gesture navigation

We have seen this feature in Android 14 Beta 1; in this feature, a back arrow under a bubble appears on the screen’s edge whenever we perform the back gesture operation. Google believes that it will help to improve the understanding and usefulness of the back gesture. The good thing is, it won’t look odd from your device’s theme as it supports the Material You are theming as well. 

Android 14’s consistent and superior sharing nature

In Android 14, the search engine giant has provided the ability to app developers so they can add various custom actions in the sharing menu. Besides, the OS will determine the ranking of sharing actions, and the sharing menu will show options according to these rankings. In simpler words, the action you use most will appear first; then the one used rarely. 

Per-app language preference

With Android 13, Google introduced the ability to choose different languages for individual apps, but with Android 1, this feature will be even more improved with some new dynamic customization settings. For example, in Android 14, the keyboard will show the same language that you have chosen for the running app. 

Securer accessibility service

In Android 14, accessibility services will be limited to certain views only that too only if they claim that they are helping users with disabilities. It will be a more secure way to prevent any critical action from unauthorized services. 

Ability to choose whether you want to show weather info on the lock screen or not

Now this feature specifically looks tailored to Pixels phones, as weather information on the lock screen is a part of the stock Android 13 UI. In the newer version, you will be able to choose whether you want it on the lock screen or not. We are currently unsure whether this device will make it to One UI 6 or not; we should wait till its launch to know. 

Transparent navigation bar for all applications

Besides usability, it is more like a theme-based ability. Specifically, in Android 4, app developers will be able to change the color of the navigation bar so that it can match the application’s theme. Besides, you can also make it look transparent. To enable the transparent navigation bar, the user can go through the Developer Options menu. 

A dedicated Nearby Share option

Nearby Share is no more an unknown service. Still, if you don’t know, it is Android’s custom-sharing service with which we can share files wirelessly and locally. However, to use it, we need to go through a long procedure- select the desired file, click on the share option, and then choose Nearby Share. 

Now with Android 14, this option will appear directly on the Sharing Menu. Besides screenshots will also be shared via this service from the preview menu right after they are taken. 

Nota bene, these are some features of Android 14 that we are expecting to come in One UI 6 as well. Informatively, the search engine giant will make Android 14 available for AOSP after its final release, then other manufacturers like Samsung will layer their UI on top of it. It is possible that the One UI 6 update will be launched by the quarter 4th of this year, most probably in August or September. 

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