Carrier-locked Galaxy S22 gets April 2023 update with Image Clipper feature in the US

Samsung has already released the April 2023 security patch to the Galaxy S22 series unlocked variant in the US. However, the latest update is not limited to unlocked variants only. Now it’s rolling out to the carrier-locked models of the Galaxy S22 series in the US as well.

The new firmware versions for the carrier-locked models are S901USQU2CWCF for S22, S906USQU2CWCF for S22+, and S908USQU2CWCF for S22 Ultra. These updates bring the April 2023 security patch and add the Image Clipper feature, which debuted with the S23 series.

The most notable feature that comes with this update is the Image Clipper feature. This feature allows users to clip a subject from an image by just pressing and holding it. This is a significant improvement that streamlines the process of editing photos on the Galaxy S22 series.
Apart from the Image Clipper feature, the update also fixes over 60 security vulnerabilities that were present in the previous version.

The Camera app on the Galaxy S22 series has also seen some improvements with this update. The update brings an enhanced camera performance, allowing users to capture images with better clarity and detail. Additionally, the Gallery app allows users to clip a subject from an image by just pressing and holding it.

Overall, this update brings several significant improvements to the Galaxy S22 series, making it a must-have for users who want the latest features and security updates. The Image Clipper feature is a welcome addition, and the enhanced camera performance makes this update a worthwhile upgrade.

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