Samsung’s Galaxy Rings will be more accurate than Galaxy Watches in terms of health tracking

As the world is facing various health-related issues, such as pandemics, health-tracking devices have become an essential thing for one’s well-being. In the past few years, these health-tracking devices have gained a lot of popularity among users. The Korean firm has two health-essential lineups- Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit. Now, Samsung is working on another health-tracking device, the Galaxy Ring. Let’s know more about it.

As per the reports, the South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung is currently working on the development of the future Galaxy Ring device. They are also developing various health-tracking technologies for this upcoming health-tracking Galaxy device. It is said that this upcoming device will deliver more accurate and detailed health-related results than Samsung’s existing Galaxy Watch devices.

Let us inform you the in-question Galaxy Ring will feature PPG (Photoplethysmography) sensor and ECG (Electrocardiogram) sensor so that the device can track its wearer’s heart activity. As it will be a ring, it will cover the wearer’s finger from all sides, which makes its results even more accurate. However, as it is more accurate than Galaxy Watches, it will surely leave a negative impact on Galaxy Watches’ sales.

Informatively, in February 2023, the South Korean firm filed a trademark named KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Information Search) for the Galaxy Ring, which probably indicated that the company would take some time to showcase this new device. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any specific information regarding Galaxy Ring’s launch timing. Aside from Samsung, the iPhone-parent Apple is also working on smart rings.

It will be really interesting to see whether Samsung succeeds in launching a different and more advanced smart ring device than the existing ones or not. As these rings will not have any screen, the Korean firm may get into a partnership with luxury brands such as Thom Browne to hand over the costlier Galaxy Rings to premium customers. This new health-tracking device will surely benefit the users once they arrive on the market.

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