Samsung invites iPhone users to try the One UI 5.1 experience: Try Galaxy

Samsung’s Galaxy devices can be explained as a bunch of advancements, which makes them different and better than the others. On top of that, if we talk about Samsung’s Galaxy S series, it is capable of outstanding nearly every best-to-best device available out there. Recently, the Galaxy S23 series has been launched, which is gaining everyone’s attention with its magnificent hardware and advanced software. 

For those who are not Galaxy users, the South Korean firm launched a web app named Try Galaxy that lets you experience Galaxy devices in your Non-Galaxy phone. Samsung has recently updated this web app so that Non-Galaxy users can experience the latest Galaxy S23 series. More specifically, the application lets you explore the features which are exclusive to the Galaxy S23 series and the latest One UI 5.1 software

Informatively, the Try Galaxy application was launched by the company back in the year 2022. After downloading, the app provides various useful tutorials, and users can explore Galaxy icons, Widgets, and navigation. It is available in 14 languages- Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese (CN/TW), English, French, French (Canadian), German, Japanese, Portuguese (BR), Spanish, Spanish (Mexican), Swedish and Vietnamese. 

Now let’s know which features of the Galaxy S23 device and One UI 5.1 update can be explored through the Try Galaxy app. The Key features are listed below. 

  • The first thing is Galaxy’s powerful camera system. Users will be able to experience Galaxy’s camera system, cinematic nightography, and transformed AI for clear and vivid night shots. Not only that, but the app also lets you experience in-app editing tools such as Photo Remaster. 
  • Users can also experience the Galaxy S23-like performance through a video that shows the Galaxy S23’s outstanding gaming capabilities with an optimized mobile platform, battery, and display.
  • Besides the Galaxy S23, the app also lets the user explore the One UI 5.1 ecosystem with customizable wallpapers, icons, message interfaces, backgrounds, and more. 

Let us tell you we have mentioned some key features only, but the app will let you experience even more than that. Users will be able to download it through a simple QR code scan. If you are also a Non-Galaxy user, you can experience the Galaxy S23 series and One UI 5.1 through this app.

  1. “Try Galaxy” app operates only with Safari on iOS devices launched on and after September 16, 2016.
  2. Simulation app to experience Samsung’s One UI 5.1. Does not provide actual access to apps nor device hardware such as camera.

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