Samsung got fined $303 million for memory chip patent infringement

News of patent infringement by the South Korean company Samsung is continuously surfacing on the internet these days. After the news of Galaxy Watch-related patent infringement, this time Samsung’s name appeared for infringing memory chip patent, for which the Korean firm has been fined $303 million. As per the reports, this memory chip patent infringement was filed by the Californian firm Netlist Inc.

Informatively, the Californian firm Netlist Inc. said that Samsung infringed its various semiconductor memory chips-related patents. In that manner, a federal jury heard out the matter from Netlist and was convinced after a six-day trial in Marshall, Texas, in the US. Let us tell you Samsung previously worked with the accuser, after which Samsung took Netlist’s memory module technology and used it in its own memory chips.

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Let us tell you Samsung’s these memory chips were used in cloud computing services. For using their memory module technology, which usually increases the memory module’s power efficiency, in 2021, Netlist sued Samsung and asked for a fine of $404 million. However, Samsung denied Netlist’s blames and said the technology they have used in memory chips works differently from Netlist’s and their patents are invalid.

Not only Samsung but other manufacturers such as Google and SK Hynix are also said to infringe on Netlist’s technology. Informatively, ever since the results of the lawsuit came to the fore, the Californian firm Netlist’s stocks jumped 21%.

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