Samsung Quick Share: An Ultimate file sharing app for Galaxy devices

Being the largest shareholder in the Android market, Samsung also dominates in having several devices in the Galaxy ecosystem. And to make it more interactive, the company provides many functionalities in the form of stock apps, and it can’t be false if we say that there is no comparison between Samsung and other companies in terms of providing a variety of original apps. For each important task, there is a dedicated app already available. One of them is Quick Share, a file-sharing app.

Share any file seamlessly with Quick share

The Quick Share app was introduced back in 2020; Samsung has designed this app for sharing different types of files between Galaxy devices and other devices. The company has made the app interface very simple and user-friendly. The app can handle small files to large files easily, including photos, memos, business documents, and large videos. There are many different capabilities available in the app, which separates it from other file-sharing apps.

You can share photos without losing quality

In today’s world, smartphones have become a major part of our life. With new advancements, Smartphone companies have made big camera sensors for capturing images, but if we want to share them online, then they lose the quality. Here comes the turn of Quick Share, which helps to share photos between other devices without losing quality.

Want to share the files between devices? Quickshare uses wifi technology, which makes it more easy and quick to share. 

Share any files with Non-Galaxy devices

If you heard the first time about Quick share, you probably thought that as it is an original app of Samsung so it may only work across Galaxy devices, but there is little catch, being the original app, it is available for all Android smartphones, so Galaxy users can easily share any files with any other smartphones without any problem.

Quick share also works on Galaxy Tablets and Galaxy Books

No matter which Galaxy Tab or Galaxy Book you are using, you can easily transfer files between them. Quick share works the same in these devices as compared to smartphones; you can easily exchange files between them easily and quickly.

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