Samsung’s new zoom cameras’ names got registered

Samsung has recently registered two of its new image sensors, which are basically Telephoto Cameras. These new sensors are ISOCELL Zoom and ISOCELL Zoom Pro. It is possible that the Korean firm intends to use these in its upcoming Galaxy S24 series‘s top-notch Ultra device. However, we can’t say whether these are actually going to be used in the upcoming flagship or not, but yes, there are high chances for it.

Informatively, Telephoto sensors that Samsung has used in its Galaxy S Ultra devices till now have proven to be so successful, and we are expecting the same from these new sensors as well. Samsung’s this 3x and 10x optical zoom lens combination has benefited three generations of Ultra models, from Galaxy S21 Ultra to Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, we can’t say this regular setup will continue for how long.

Let’s get back to our main topic, Samsung’s new Telephoto sensors, for which it has filed paperwork in the United Kingdom to protect the sensor’s trademarks. Notably, these new zooming cameras are new members of Samsung’s ISOCELL lineup, but it’s the first time we have seen a sensor with the name Pro with Zoom. Unfortunately, it’s their names only that we have known till now; other related info is still under wraps.

Now the very first question that comes to our mind is, in what Galaxy device we can expect these? However, it is really hard to say presently, but the highest probabilities are pointing toward the future Galaxy S24 Ultra device, as its predecessors also featured some best Telephoto sensors. If that happens, the device will be unbeatable in terms of photography due to its new zooming cameras along with the 200MP sensor.

Besides, there is the new generation of Galaxy Z Foldable series as well, which will be launched sooner than next year’s flagship, but still, there are low chances of them (Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5) featuring newer zooming sensors as they don’t focus on zooming that much. However, there is no saying what will happen next, so please stay connected with us for regular updates. We will share if we find anything related.

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