Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to Feature 1-Inch Camera Sensor: Report

Even though there is almost a year before Samsung’s next flagship’s launch, it has already started to make space in the rumor world. Specifically, the top-notch Ultra model has constantly been appearing on the news coming from here to there. Up till now, we have received clues regarding this upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra device’s enlarged RAMcamera setup, and refresh rate. This time again, we have got our hands on some crucial info.

If we are talking about any generation of the Galaxy S Ultra device, the most eye-stealing feature will be its image sensor. As for the latest flagship Galaxy S23’s Ultra model, its 200MP HP2 sensor became its identity. According to the reports, the Korean firm will continue using the 200MP sensor in the future Galaxy S24 Ultra device as well. Now, this device’s other camera-related information made its way to the market. Let’s know it. 

As per our source, the future Galaxy S24 Ultra device will feature a 1-inch camera sensor in it. Usually, Samsung doesn’t use such a large sensor in its devices; instead, it prefers smaller sensors but with better results. However, with this upcoming series, Samsung seems to join the trend of using a larger image sensor in devices. If it happens, we will get to see a totally different Galaxy S Ultra outlook in the next Galaxy S24 series.

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Informatively, ever since the Galaxy S21 series, all the Galaxy S Ultra devices have been featuring a quad-camera setup in them, but the upcoming series is reported to break this tradition by reducing the number of cameras from four to three. Now it seems that the 1-inch camera sensor is the reason behind the reduction in the number of cameras. Notably, having a larger sensor may affect the usual setup; hence, the company decided to ditch one camera to prevent the camera setup from occupying a large amount of space. 

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