Galaxy S24 Ultra’s battery to get benefit from electric car technology

Every other day, the internet comes up with another Galaxy S24-related news or rumor. So far, we’ve got information about the Galaxy S24 series’ increased RAMfaster GPUbetter refresh ratereturn of Exynos chips, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s lesser cameras. Now, the rumor world again came up with amazing news that raised Galaxy admirers’ expectations with the Galaxy S24 series to the top. So, let’s learn more about it.

Informatively, TheElec‘s recent report indicates that Samsung SDI is currently working on a new stacking technique, specifically for car batteries. The report indicated that they are planning to bring this electric car technology for smaller batteries as well, such as smartphone batteries. Let us tell you this stacking technique tightly stacks the components of a battery as cathodes and anodes, which leads to better energy density. 

It is being said that this new stacking method probably be used in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 series Ultra model’s battery. However, there is no evidence to prove this hunch, but the next noteworthy Galaxy phone is the Galaxy S24 series,’ and it will be the best base for Samsung to offer this new technology. Notably, Samsung may add 10% more capacity to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 5000 mAh battery by using this new technique.

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This new stacking method will also help Samsung SDI to give tough competition to LG Energy, it’s rival that also uses the same technique. To develop small cells for this technique, the Korean firm made a joint venture with its two Chinese rivals. It will develop the required equipment for stacking at one of its plants in Korea, for which Shenzhen Yinghe Tech has already supplied the stacking equipment to Samsung SDI.

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