Android 14 Beta 2 released: What’s New

Android 14 beta 2 is now available for all eligible pixel devices, including Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro. This is the second beta update which was almost available two weeks ago after Android 14 Beta 1.1. This is the progress cycle of Android 14 which will be get tested by beta users and get feedback from them.

Then after collecting all the feedback, Google will add some improvements and fixes to make a stable update of Android 14 for all users; however, the beta version will only be available for the users who have enrolled in the Android beta program. Every new beta update comes with some bug fixes and features; lets know about it.

Android 14 beta 2 brings some new features

In this beta update, Google has added some new features in different stock apps, such as:

Camera and Gallery: Android devices come with high-end cameras that are currently able to take photos up to 200 MP, which are also able to capture billions of colors. Now with the latest Android 14 beta update, Android devices will be able to capture images on 12-bit HDR. This feature will improve the quality of photos by enabling vibrant colors and greater contrast. Additionally, apps will use camera extensions to handle processing times and use the algorithm to get more enhanced photos.

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Handle graphics more efficiently: Android 14 has added support for meshes which can be defined as triangles and triangle strips. The vertex shader defines the varying vertex/fragment. It depends on the position and color, while the fragment shader can optionally define the color for the pixel.

Health Connect: As previously rumored, Health Connect will be coming with Android 14. Now with the second beta, it is confirmed. Health Connect is an internal function that will help users to track all the records of health. In other words, it will give a platform that allows users to share data between their favorite apps with a single place to control what data want to share with these apps.

Data Sharing Updates: With Android 14, Google is focusing on the privacy of Android device users, and this update brings a Data sharing update feature. This feature will allow users to track app location activity. In other words, if any app shares your current location update with any other source, then you will be able to track the page.

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Apart from these, Google has introduced a new type of notification that will appear on the full screen; generally, this is designed for high-priority notifications such as incoming calls and user-configured alarm clock settings. This permission will be enabled by default; however, if users do not want to use this feature so they have the choice to turn it off. Additionally, Google has enhanced in-app animations.

The latest Android 14 beta 2 update is now available on Pixel smartphones with firmware version UPB2.230407.14. It also includes May 2023 security patch update. However, the update is only available for users who have participated in the Android beta program. While for the general public, Google will release a stable Android 14 update in the coming months. 

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