Samsung improves its Gallery App exprience with the latest version

Samsung Gallery app is one of the most common apps for Galaxy devices. This app is a type of memory storage, and it stores all your valuable memories in the form of Photos and Videos. Being a stock application, it is only available for Galaxy devices.

The Gallery app is not limited to storing photos and videos; you can also do more things like editing and sharing as; well it also provides a facility to sync all your media through cloud sync, which helps you to get access to all the photos and videos anywhere in any device.

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Coming to the latest update, Samsung has rolled out a new update of the Gallery app with version number The update doesn’t include any new features, but it improves the overall performance of the app by fixing the known bugs.

This update might look unnecessary, but as it includes some resolutions so it is beneficial to update it because you might get trouble any time, so it’s better to keep the app updated. To update the app, you can go to the Galaxy Store.

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