Verizon units of Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S21 grab May 2023 security patch in the USA

Earlier this month, Samsung rolled out May 2023 security update for Galaxy S23. And recently, it has also released the same update for the Galaxy S21 series in some European countries. Now the update is available on Verizon-affiliated devices.

In the case of the US, there are two types of devices available. The first one comes as an unlocked variant that can use the service of any provider, but the second type of device is only eligible to use only one service provider where they were purchased.

As of now, the carrier-locked variants of Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S21 series devices is getting new security update in the US. Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 +, and Galaxy S23 Ultra are grabbing new security updates with new version numbers S911USQU1AWCD, S916USQU1AWCD, and S918USQU1AWCD sequentially.

Meanwhile, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra are getting the new security update with version numbers G991USQS6EWD5, G996USQS6EWD5, and G998USQS6EWD5 respectively.

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The Carrier unlocked Galaxy S23 series devices also got the latest May 2023 security a few days ago. Galaxy S21 devices users have to wait for some time. The Image clipper functionality is also now available for Galaxy S21 users; basically, it came with April 2023 security patch worldwide.

As the update is available through OTA, so every device does not get the update together. Because of server limitations, So if you are using any of the devices of the Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S21 series, then you should get a notification when the update is available for your device. Alternatively, you can also check the latest update by going to the system setting of your device.

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