Samsung unveils the first CXL DRAM supporting CXL 2.0

Samsung is a dominant player in the chip industry, it has developed many innovative semiconductor chips earlier and continues to bring surprises every year, and this time company has brought the industry’s first 128 GB DRAM, which will support Compute Express Link 2.0. Samsung has worked with Intel to develop this chip.

Advantages of the chip

Previously, there was first CXL 1.1- based CXL DRAM was developed back in May 2022, which was the fastest chip ever made, but with the new generation CXL DRAM based on CXL is expected to be faster in comparison to the previous one. The new CXL DRAM supports PCle 5.0 interface (x8 lanes) and provides bandwidth of up to 35GB per second.

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CXL is a next-generation interface that adds efficiency to accelerators, which means they are made to provide more speed on the working of DRAM and storage devices. With the latest technology, it has expanded the bandwidth that will enhance the performance of CPUs high-performance systems. This advancement in chips will lead the computer market, and we could see more advanced computers in the coming days.

In this development, the Intel corporation director said Intel is delighted to work with Samsung on their investment toward a vibrant CXL ecosystem. And will continue to work with Samsung to foster the growth and adoption of innovative CXL products throughout the industry.”

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“Montage is excited to mass produce the first controllers to support CXL 2.0,” said Stephen Tai, president of Montage Technology. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Samsung to advance CXL technology and expand its ecosystem.”

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