Samsung Members app gets improved with new update

Samsung Members application have received a new update; it is now available on the Galaxy store with version number However, the update doesn’t include any new features, and it also doesn’t carry any Galaxy store description.

The update comes in a 44.67MB software package, which indicates that it could have some improvements for the internal functions of the app that enhance its performance and stability. Moreover, sometimes update like this includes some hidden feature that would be identified by using the app.

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Samsung users can easily update the app by Galaxy store. The app is part of Samsung devices, but it is not limited to Galaxy devices; other users can also download the app through the Play Store. However, this app is not useful for other Android devices because it’s designed to give services to Galaxy users. Let’s know what type of service it will offer to you.

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If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, you can review device diagnostics; can ask a question directly to experts one to one; Samsung also organizes several events and also give benefits offer for customers. From time to time, you will also get insider tips to unblock your device’s full potential.

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