Samsung’s 6 year old feature comes to Android 14

The Korean firm Samsung brings various notable features to its Galaxy Phone and Tablet devices. If you ever wonder about the value and utility of the feature brought by Samsung, let us tell you even Google has adopted some of them for its Android. Recently, it has been found out that one of Android 14’s features was already seen in Samsung devices. It seems that Google has adopted it from Samsung. 

Notably, the popular tipster MishaalRahman has recently shared a post on his Twitter handle regarding a new feature that appeared on Android 14 Beta 2. The tipster found out that Android 14 lets users create an app pair and save them on the device’s Home Screen. It is an easier way to open both apps in the split-screen multitasking menu just by clicking on the saved App Pair icon. Galaxy users may have seen this before as well.

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If you are unaware, the Korean firm has already implemented a similar feature in its Galaxy Phones and Tablets. Since 2017, when this ability was first introduced, Samsung has been offering App Pairs that users can save and place on the device’s sidebar or the home screen. As Google has now implemented this feature in Android 14, it will be a big help for those who don’t own a Galaxy device but frequently multitask on phones or tablets.

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This new change will benefit Google and Samsung both. For Google, this new feature will make its Operating System, Android, even more, utilized and beneficial, as it will attract multitasking-loving users towards it. The main benefit will be for Android-based foldable phones and Tablets. For Samsung, it will benefit in a different way, as it can enhance this feature even more; it can now offer this feature as a built-in App Pair. 

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