One UI 6 could adopt Android 14’s new partial screen recording feature

Android 14 is set to introduce several exciting features, and one particularly intriguing addition will revolve around screen recording functionality. Previously, users faced a significant challenge when attempting to record their device’s screen—a need to halt the operation whenever an unwanted notification appeared. To address this issue, Google’s developers have devised an update to the functionality.

The Beta update of Google’s Android 14 OS has already been released, making its way to the market. This update is not limited to just Pixel devices but is also available for other OEM devices. Interestingly, Samsung’s future user interface, the One UI 6, will be built upon Android 14, incorporating some of its new features. One such feature is outlined below.

Android 14 will allow users to record the screen of a single app

In the upcoming version of the operating system, users will have two options: record the entire screen or focus on a single application. By selecting the latter, only the actively running app will be captured during the recording. Therefore, there is no need for concern if notifications unrelated to the recording should pop up while performing tasks. Rest assured; such notifications will not be shown to the intended audience of the recording.

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Recently, Mishaal Rahman shared the full demo of Android 14’s new partial screen recording feature. This feature lets you record a single app without any System UI elements or notifications appearing in the video! 

Regarding the functionality of this option, once we select the “Record a single app” item, a menu will appear, offering us the choice to record either from the recent apps or the entire app drawer (swiping up will reveal this section).

As it is a part of Android 14, there is a high chance of it arriving in One UI 6 as well. If that happens, it will be proven beneficial for Galaxy users. This is certainly a step forward, which should allow users to optimize their time when it comes to making a registration since they will not have to worry about the possible arrival of a notification. As per the expectations, Android 14-based One UI 6 will arrive on Galaxy devices later this year.

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