Samsung starts construction of its new Taylor facility in the US, to meet the high demand of semiconductor chips

For the past few years, the demand for Semiconductor based equipment has been rapidly growing. To full fill this demand, several companies have expanded their production capacity. For instance, a well-established chip manufacturing company named TSMC has recently inaugurated its Arizona facility.

Following the business opportunity, Samsung is also investing in the semiconductor segment; according to the information, the company is spending over $17 billion on building cleanroom infrastructure at the Taylor facility in the United States and will start producing AI-powered chips and HPC in large quantities.

Samsung is moving forward after facing bad times in the semiconductor industry

Last year, Samsung faced a huge loss in the semiconductor segment; it is reported that the company lost approximately 4 trillion won in the statement of the year; it is said that the company has faced an all-time high loss in history due to weak demand affected by several factors, however, now the industry is now back on track and growing rapidly so Samsung is also want to stay ahead in supplying the semiconductor chips.

Samsung could shift summer Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event from the US to any Asian country

The advancement in increasing the production capacity of smay conductor chips is supported by the Biden administration to remove its dependency on China. The administration has promised to support businesses financially if they are established in the US.

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Due to China’s extremist policy, companies are prioritizing the location outside China to reduce dependency and to make a continuous and strong supply chain by distancing the production from the interruption brought by unanticipated events.

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