Samsung Dropship will get a significant update next month

Samsung Dropship is the module that is present in Good Lock suits. As per the information, the application is only available for Galaxy users who are residing in Korea and the united states.

The Dropship app is only got only one update since its release, but now as per the report, Galaxy users will get a new update of the Dropship app in the next month, i.e., June. As the app is not available outside the above mention countries so this update is also not available for them.

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According to the information, the South Korean giant will update the app with new features. With the new update, the app gains the ability to send uploaded coordinates to your device as a notification message. It makes it more comfortable to exchange data between devices.

In addition, it will also bring a clocking feature that hides other coordinates and shows the dropship coordinates that can be seen. It is possible that the update may come with some extra improvements, so let’s wait for the update and see what it will give more.

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