Samsung updated the Dropship module of Good Lock with new features

Samsung has recently launched an app called Dropship, which is basically a file-sharing app that lets you transfer files between all kinds of devices. After launching the Doreship App in November, samsung has now released an update of it.

With the new 0.9.2 update for Dropship app, the company has added several new features like Text to file sharing function under this function now, when you are coping and share Text through Dropship, and it will automatically share in a text file format, Web under this head if you copy an image or Text and paste on the dropship web page, it will be delivered as an image or text file. View coordinates, you can now view coordinates in the Recieve/send list. With the help of the Galaxy to share linked function, you can create and share coordinates through Dropship, and it is also noticeable that coordinates shared through the Galaxy to share link are valid for 3 days.

Moreover, some changes are also made to the existing dropship app. Now it has changed the storage location from a folder by PIN to a common dropship folder. Additionally, some known bugs are now fixed, including the problem that occurs at the time of uploading. It also resolves the image problem that doesn’t appear in the profile of certain accounts.

An invisible issue also now fixed which denied media access when you want to rearrange the files, now the Unicode problem is solved, now when you share any from Photo or My files app and can be read by iOS devices as well as it also includes some other stabilization which makes the app more effective.

Version : V0.9.2

[New Features]

  • App: Text to file sharing function
  • When copying and sharing the text, select Dropship to share and it will be delivered as a text file and can be copied to the clipboard when received.
  • web: copy paste function
  • If you copy and paste the image or text to the dropship webpage, it will be delivered as an image or text file.
  • The text file can be directly copied to the clipboard and used.
  • View the coordinates again in the Send/Receive list
  • The coordinate sharing page, which was only available in the Send function, is now available in the Receive / Send list.
  • Galaxy To Share interworking function
  • You can create and share coordinates through Dropship in the newly released Galaxy To Share app. Coordinates shared with GTS are valid for 3 days.

[ Changes ]

  • Change the storage folder from a folder by PIN to a common dropship folder
  • There is a VOC that a storage folder is created every time, so it is used as a dropship common folder.

[ Bug and error fixes ]

  • Fixed an issue where uploading failed in certain cases
  • Fixed the problem that the page does not load when entering the web in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where the profile image does not appear in certain accounts
  • When media access is denied, re-agreement is not possible and there is a problem that the file is not visible, so you can go directly to the permission page (iOS)
  • Fixed the problem of not reading the file name including unicode (Japanese, etc.) when sharing by share in Photo or My files (iOS)
  • Other stabilization

You can enjoy the app – APK Mirror

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