Galaxy to Share, another module to share Good Lock settings between devices

For the past few weeks, Samsung worked desperately to increase the quality and utility of its customizable app suite Good Lock by providing a handful of new modules and features. Good Lock is a bunch of customizable applications from the company. The South Korean firm has introduced another essential feature named “Galaxy to Share” to the Good Lock family. The function has not been launched as an independent module but comes up as an update of it.

Let you know that after the roll-out of One UI 5.0 (the new custom skin of the company based on Android 13), the company has landed some essential features and modules such as Dropship, RegiStar, and Camera Assistant for its Good Lock suite. Now the newcomer “Galaxy to Share” function will enhance the Good Lock family’s utility even more than before. It will let the user share the personalized setting of the Good Lock application with another Galaxy device.

Good Lock – Galaxy To Share Module

This new feature appears with version of it. It is the most demandable module of Good Lock, which finally came but as an update. With its help, one would easily be able to share their own personalized Good Lock settings with another who wants the same in their Galaxy device. However, the main limitation of it is the same as Good Lock. In the regions where Good Lock is not supported, the function will not work, as it hasn’t got an individual application as One Hand Operation+.

Coming to its supported modules, currently, it only supports Keys Cafe, Theme Park, LockStar, NavStar, MultiStar, QuickStar, ClockFace, Home Up, One Hand Operation+, and Sound Assistant modules and applications of Good Lock. Unfortunately, the Camera Assistant currently needs to be added to the list of supported modules, but we can expect it with the next update of the suite.

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