Be Aware! Fake Good Lock App Appears On The Play Store

A few days ago, Samsung launched a new module for its Good Lock suite named DropShip. This application is currently available in Galaxy Store only for the South Korean region. But now it has come to light that a fake application named DropShip has appeared on the Play Store, which Android Police first spotted. The respective application is neither developed by Samsung nor the Good Lock labs.

This fake DropShip application shows Assert Studio as its developer on the Play Store. This previously-mentioned developer has plenty of fake applications in its name, including the Nothing Ear application, which is used for the Nothing Ear 1 buds. This fake Nothing Ear app has a mobile version of the Paradox Interactive game Victoria 3 in addition to the Assert Studio testing tool in it. The information provider needs to find out if these apps are similar to the fake DropShip app or not.

IMG- Android Police

Coming on to the fake DropShip application, which doesn’t even provide any functional application, instead after opening the app, a notification tab appears on your device’s screen, which reads, “This app needs to be updated.” It has zero functionality inside it. Remember, the DropShip application is available in the Galaxy Store only for the South Korean market. We warn you to avoid any shady or fake apps to prevent data theft. Download these from official sources only.

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