Galaxy Enhance-X app coming to Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Last summer, Samsung officially introduced the Galaxy Enhance-X app for Galaxy users, but its initial release encountered several challenges. Following its debut, the photo enhancement application became accessible to Galaxy S23 series smartphones in April and is currently nearing its readiness for inclusion in the Galaxy S22 series.

Galaxy Enhance-x app around the corner for Galaxy S22 series

Introduced in July, the Galaxy Enhance-X app is a sophisticated image editor available on the Galaxy Store. Leveraging the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, it offers instant enhancements to photographs. With just a single touch, users can have their images analyzed and witness improved quality. Notably, the app excels in removing reflections and blurs while enhancing sharpness and resolution without compromising on quality. Initially launched for the Galaxy S22 series with plans for compatibility across various models, subsequent revisions were made.

In April, the Galaxy Enhance-X was (re)launched specifically for the Galaxy S23 series. Excitingly, it is now expected to make its way back to the Galaxy S22 series. A response from a moderator in the official Samsung community, as discovered by Sammobile, indicates that the app is nearing completion. Its release is anticipated within the next two to three weeks, as depicted in the accompanying image.

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The Galaxy Enhance-X app is currently available for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra through the Galaxy Store. By June, it is set to become accessible on the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra as well. It remains uncertain whether there will be a beta phase similar to the S23 release or if it will be directly launched as a stable version. Developers have expressed intentions to expand the availability of the Galaxy Enhance-X app to as many Samsung smartphones as possible. Thus, it is likely to arrive in the Galaxy S21 series and other recent models across various ranges.

If you own one of the compatible smartphones, you can download Galaxy Enhance-X directly from the Galaxy Store.

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