Galaxy S24 Ultra could have a new telephoto camera

Samsung has shown exponential growth in the camera segment, with the Galaxy S20 Ultra device company having introduced its innovative loge range Zoom camera. It is all possible with new telephoto zoom technology, which supports up to 4X optical zoom at that time; however, Samsung has downgraded it to 3X for its Galaxy S20 Ultra device and packed it with 3X zoom.

With the new advancement, the company has also introduced a new addition to the Telephoto lens; the Galaxy S21 is the best device which is less with two telephoto lenses; these lenses are of two different Zoom capabilities, including 3X and 10X. According to GalaxyClub, the Korean giant will increase the telephoto lens zooming for Galaxy S24 Ultra.

As per the information, Samsung is planning to introduce 5X optical Zoom in the Place of 3X, and also it will introduce a continuous zoom lens for telephoto cameras. Apart from these, there is no more information available about the resolution of these cameras.

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Additionally, as per some rumours, the Galaxy S24 Ultra may be available with the same 200 MP sensor, which was exclusively available for the Galaxy S23 series. Moreover, Samsung has also cancelled variable zoom in S24.

It is also expected that Samsung will bring back its new and improved Exynos 2400 SoC for the Galaxy S24 series, which will be made on 4nm process technology, but if the company release the Galaxy S24 in two different processor variant, then it is certainly confirmed that these countries will get the Exynos variants Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Brunei, Timor-Leste.

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