One UI 6.0 may brings detailed statistics battery health feature

Android smartphones’ battery capacity decreases with a certain time. In older devices, the battery capacity is sometimes almost reduced to half compared to the original capacity. But as an Android device user, you don’t have any options to see the current battery health of the device (like iPhone), but with the upcoming Android 14 and One UI 6 update, it could be possible for Samsung users.

Google will add new battery health capabilities with Android 14

Unlike iPhones, Android devices, including Samsung, do not offer a battery health monitoring feature that shows the maximum remaining capacity in relation to the original capacity. Although Samsung provides a battery status display within the Samsung Members app, it does not provide an accurate percentage reflecting the remaining capacity, as seen on iPhones.

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According to tipster Mishaal Rahman, Google will implement the improved battery stats function on Android devices with Android 14. This functionality will depend on the API value returns. It will report more detailed information about better health; it will include battery charge cycle count, charging policy and charging status.

The Battery health stats depend on BatteryHealth APIs which depend on the capabilities of the charging IC and HAL, so the accuracy may vary depending on the smartphone or other devices.

The image provided displays battery status statistics obtained from the Battery application, utilizing the latest Battery Health APIs. Samsung is considering the implementation of these new BatteryHealth APIs in its One UI 6.0 interface based on Android 14. If incorporated, this enhancement would enable Samsung to provide precise and comprehensive information concerning battery health on its range of Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

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