Could Samsung catch up to iPhone 15 Pro Max’s optical zooming capabilities?

Samsung and Apple’s rivalry is widely-known across the whole world. Both companies work desperately to catch up to each other’s best models. Both rivals have unveiled their flagships this year and have already started to work on the next one. Some of the recent rumors regarding Apple’s upcoming series again made Samsung worry as it is said to have unbeatable optical zooming capabilities. Can Samsung catch up to these or not? 

Informatively, the American multinational Apple is currently working on its next series iPhone 15, which will probably be launched by September 2023. Recently, it has been reported that the top-notch model of this series, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, will feature a brand-new periscopic lens offering 5x to 6x optical zoom. Ordinarily, most smartphones offer a 3x zooming lens which can’t provide as many image details as a 6x lens can do.

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As for Samsung, their latest top-notch model, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, also features a 3x telephoto lens only, but if they are to compete with Apple’s upcoming series, they should improve the future Galaxy S24 Ultra’s optical zooming abilities. Specifically, Samsung needs to upgrade its optical zooming technology from a telephoto shooter to an advanced periscopic lens. It will be beneficial if they emerge with a 5x zooming periscopic lens in their next Galaxy S Ultra device. 

Besides the zooming capabilities, if you are willing to know more about Samsung’s upcoming top-notch model, in particular, other novelties that the Galaxy S24 series’ Ultra model will serve, you can check the expected list below. 

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