Gmail blue ticks are not enough to stop scammers

Google has taken many steps to provide security to Android users, but with time new security issues are coming to the Android-related systems. Gmail is one of the prime applications of Google, but it is also not fully secure; several phishing attacks are happening, and to fix it, Google has introduced blue ticks on Gmail, But it doesn’t seem like it’s going to work.

The facility of blue tick was delivered by Google last month with the purpose of helping users to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of messages. The Blue tick is placed next to the name of the account holder, which indicates the authenticity of the account origin of the communication and, therefore, guarantees Gmail users a little more peace of mind.

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We appreciate this feature, but Google hasn’t been successful in strengthless of the feature; scammers have already managed to abuse this tool, the first testimonials of emails received from blatantly scam accounts but equipped with the precious blue tick.

Gmail Blue tick scam reported

Recently, a cybersecurity engineer, Chris Plummer, reported the scam. Still, Google hasn’t taken his bug report seriously and closed it, but then the same problem happened with several other users, and it was discussed on social media; due to this, Google recognized it, and after that, it reopened the bug report of the engineer, but after that, Google doesn’t disclose anything about it. Still, we hope that Google will soon fix this issue.

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