Samsung developing One UI 6 Good Lock with new features

A few days ago, we had the news about the One UI 6.0 beta, which could land in July or mid-August after the One UI Watch 5 beta version has been delayed. The Korean giant has simultaneously announced working on new features for Goog Lock, indicating the possible new interface.

Good Lock is the solution developed by Samsung for all users who like to customize their devices; it is a software suite composed of various modules, thanks to which you can radically change the graphic appearance of your smartphone. 

Recently, Samsung announced that the Good Lock team is dedicated to diligently exploring valuable features and crafting One UI 6. The Community moderator expressed their commitment to spreading updates about the Good Lock team through Good Lock News in Terrace/Good Lock Diary/Working Good Lock. The moderator noted that the diary section garnered significant appreciation from numerous individuals.

Download & install Good Lock with plugins for any country & region

While Samsung may not introduce an extensive array of new features in the upcoming major update for Good Lock, users should bear in mind that the application will still require updates to ensure compatibility with Android 14 and One UI 6. Given that Good Lock has the capability to modify essential elements of the user interface, it typically ceases to function upon the release of a new Android and One UI version in order to prevent any potential bugs or complications.

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