Pixel Watch 2 could get Galaxy Watches like stress level monitor feature

Recently, Google published a blog post and explained about the Sense 2’s built-in stress detector for the Pixel watch 2; it further says that the company will use a Fitbit stress management sensor for the Pixel watches. The function works on data collected by the sensor. It calculates the data of the day and also records the sleep cycle and activity data from the last night, then it predicts the stressful situation on the data analyzed.

In explaining the Fitbit Sense 2, Google has also stated – “We used the data gleaned from this test to train the Body Response algorithm, a classical machine learning algorithm that identifies periods when the participants showed physiological signs of autonomic arousal,” 

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Apart from these, Google hasn’t told us about any new features; however, Google has already bought Fitbit, so it is expected that the company will introduce all the important features to its pixel watches.

The same feature is already available on Galaxy watches, including Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5. Samsung has used the HRV (Heart rate variability) measure to calculate stress; It collects data on heart rate variability and heart rate.

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 Additionally, Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 also offer a temperature sensor, which is very useful in cycle tracking, and it can also measure menstrual phase affects the basal body temperature, which can help females to accurately predict their next period. From a health perspective, Samsung has packed many useful features in the Galaxy watches, so it is worth buying the watch if you’re a fitness freak.

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