Samsung invites Richard Smith, Pinkerton Foundation CEO for a special lecture

 has invited Richard Smith, CEO of the Pinkerton Foundation, who has taken the lead in resolving social problems for young people in the United States, to examine the direction of desirable leadership in a rapidly changing global environment.

The company has conducted a special lecture by Richard Smith for executives during the next-generation manager training course, which was held at the Hoam Hall of Samsung Human Resources Development Center in Yongin, Gyeonggi- do.

CEO Richard Smith gave a lecture on ‘Leadership in Challenging Times’, a mindset that next-generation managers should have and ways to improve leadership.

If we talk about Richard Smooth entered the media as a reporter for Newsweek, a famous American weekly magazine, in 1970, then served as editor-in-chief and then chairman for 13 years from 1998 to 2011, and he has established himself as an influential and respected figure around the world.

As of now, he is taking the lead in improving social problems as the CEO of the Pinkerton Foundation, which supports children and youth from low-income families in New York, USA.

It is also worth knowing that Richard Smith also attended the 2023 Samsung Ho-Am Award ceremony held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on June 1 with his wife, Dr. Yoon Soon-Young, to congratulate the winners.

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Dr. Yoon Soon-Young is a Korean – American female activist who graduated from the University of Michigan with a doctorate in anthropology. She has contributed to the development of human society by carrying out various activities for the protection of women’s rights for decades at UNICE, the World Health Organisation, and the United Nations.

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