Google expands its Wallet App service to more regions

Nowadays, cash transactions have started happening in a very easy and safe way, for this, thanks to new technology. Modern technology has developed a system that has replaced all the physical payment mediums like cash or cards; people can now easily send or receive money in their accounts through several digital solutions that work on a smartphone, such as Google Wallet. And to reach more users, Google has decided to expand its wallet services to five more countries. 

Last year Google Wallet was available in 40+ countries; now, it is expanded to five more counties, including Albania, Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. It is also expected that Google may expand it to more countries this year.

For information, the Google Wallet app will be available for all Android users on the Google play store; as we said earlier, it is a digital solution for making payments. However, the app is more compatible with NFC-supported devices as the users can make payments by the tap-to-pay method in stores that offer it.

It is also worth knowing that Google Wallet support fully depends on your bank or credit card provides for different services; for instance, a user from North Macedonia reported that the functionality is limited to NLB Bank; for detailed information on supported banks and credit card service provider, you can visit the official Google wallet support page.

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