Android Auto users still facing wireless connectivity issue

Google is known for developing reliable products for users; the Android ecosystem is so user-friendly that it also gives more flexibility as well; however, in the range of devices available in the ecosystem, there are some products that could be performing better. We are here talking about Android Auto; the app was designed to give a platform that makes it easy to interact with the car infosystems, but instead of making it more useful, it is creating new problems with new updates.

The latest version of Android Auto cuts the wireless connection to the car

According to some users reporting on the support forum, the last couple of updates with version numbers 9.5 and 9.6 are creating problems for the users who use the service wirelessly; after these updates, they cannot connect their smartphones to the car screen.

Android Auto 9.7 directly in stable version: What’s new

Several users also claim that they have also tried some basic ways like clearing the app data and cache, force stop the app, and resetting the network and Bluetooth connection, which sometimes works in these types of issues, but nothing worked.

At present, there is only one possible solution available you can only do to downgrade the app to the earlier version before 9.5 or 9.6. It is also recommended to deactivate the automatic update function so it will be stable at the same version. As of now, Google doesn’t state anything officially about this matter, but we hope the company will release a new update for the app to correct its mistake.

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