Samsung Foundry Forum Welcomes Back Chip Architect Jim Keller

Jim Keller, a living hero in the semiconductor sector, will attend the Samsung Foundry Forum 2023 in San Jose, California, in late June. He presently serves as the CEO of Tenstorrent, a business established in 2016. Deep learning and smart hardware are the focus of TensTorrent’s development of high-processor ASICs. The company’s processor is created to be exceptional at learning and inference while also being software-programmable to serve the area of ML in the future. Industry insiders claim that on the 27th of June, Keller will give the keynote talk at the Samsung Foundry Forum 2023.

Jim Keller’s latest chip development partnership with LG Electronics has increased his communications with Korean businesses. Since the 2021 Foundry Forum, he hasn’t participated in the forum for two long years. In the Samsung Foundry Forum 2023, he will discuss RISC-V, open source ISA used to develop software and hardware, and other cutting-edge computer technologies, as well as artificial intelligence(AI). Central Processing Unit(CPU) designer Jim Keller is regarded as a legend in his field.

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At TSMC’s 2022 TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum, Keller gave a keynote speech about the future of chip design. At AMD, he is credited for developing the Zen architecture and being a key player in the company’s recovery from a severe crisis. Additionally, he created application processors and autonomous driving technologies while working at Apple and Tesla. Later in May, LG Electronics announced a partnership with Tenstorrent to create AI and chiplet-based semiconductors. According to reports, the Korean tech giant intends to use Tenstorrent’s AI semiconductor technology in its line of smart TVs.

In addition to using the video codec expertise that LG Electronics is known for, Tenstorrent and LG Electronics intend to use chiplet-based semiconductors in data centers. LG Electronics anticipates that its collaboration with Tenstorrent will create more effective chips in terms of AI. Tenstorrent is undertaking research using the semiconductor IP architecture RISC-V.

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