Samsung rolls out June update for Galaxy Z Fold2 and A53 on Verizon in the US

The June 2023 security update is almost available in every corner of the world in a very less time due it is all possible due to Samsung’s swift update expansion. The company has introduced the update on several devices in the US as well. 

However, the company is only eligible to update the unlocked variants while the unlocked variant is still getting new updates gradually depending on the carriers, like now Verizon is rolling out the update for two more Galaxy devices, i.e., Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy A53 5G, these devices have already received the June 2023 security update on the unlocked variants.

Samsung One UI 6.0 Skin

The Verizon-affiliated Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy A53 5G are getting the update with these firmware version numbers F916USQU3JWF1 and A536VSQU7CWE3, respectively. The latest update brings June 2023 security update. It includes several patches which fix different types of vulnerabilities. 

According to Samsung’s official documentation, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G and Galaxy A53 5G are eligible for monthly security updates, which indicates that both of the devices will get at least one update per month.

If you own the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Galaxy A53 devices, which are affiliated to Verizon, then you should receive the notification of the update, but in case you didn’t receive the update yet, then you can also check it manually by going to the system settings.

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