Samsung’s Next-Gen AR Headsets Could Feature Innovative LEDoS Displays

Samsung Display has started researching and developing augmented reality(AR) gear using LEDoS(LED on silicon) technology, according to reports from Korea Media, The Elec. It is said that the next-generation augmented reality headsets from various manufacturers are anticipated to employ these panels. The objective of Samsung to begin this is to provide every benefit of OLEDoS without the drawbacks of the newest technology through LEDoS. The chip size of the micro LED may be as little as a few micrometres.

The organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) that are deposited using OLEDs(OLED-on-Silicon) technology are visible on Apple’s Apple Vision Pro headset. The Deep Tech Forum 2023 was held on November 11 at the Northeast Asia Trade Centre in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul, South Korea. The opening comments were delivered by the executive director of the R&D Center’s technological strategy team, Kim Gong-min. OLEDoS can be utilised in VR headsets that obstruct the outside world, but because of brightness restrictions, it is challenging to integrate into AR headsets.

Managing Director Kim Gong-min further stated key points relating to OLEDs,
” Oledos has limitations in meeting the conditions of bright brightness, light form factor, and product lifespan required to implement microdisplays for AR devices.”

“Currently, the term micro LED is being used mixedly in various applications such as large displays and smart watches. It’s called mini-LED.”

“When the LED size is smaller than 20 um or 10 um, the characteristics drop significantly, and expected functions are not secured. The challenge is to prevent this and implement.”

Samsung and the KAIST Institute reported a development in micro-LED display technology in March, opening the door to create small, high-resolution LED panels. A 5,000-7,000 per inch pixel density was previously predicted for Samsung’s latest LEDoS technology; the firm gives more importance to the PPD value than the number of pixels per degree of vision.

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