Samsung teams up with Warner Bros. to feature movie trailers in breathtaking 8K quality

Undoubtedly, Samsung is the leading top TV manufacturer globally. Samsung Electronics has teamed up with Warner Bros., a leading media and entertainment company globally known for their works like Harry Potter, Inception, etc, in Hollywood. The South Korean tech company has announced that it had teamed up with the Hollywood film studio to use its large-screen QLED TVs to show off highly anticipated movie trailers in 8K quality.

8K resolution designates a television with a horizontal resolution of around 8,000 pixels; 8 K TVs provide images that are clearer and more detailed. Among Ultra High Definition(UHD) TVs, the 8K TV has the greatest resolution that has just been introduced. This screening will cover around 65,000 retail stores of Samsung all over the world. Back in 2016, Samsung America teamed up with Warner Bros to bring VR experience for the most anticipated movie of that time, Suicide Squad.

Both the industry will gain benefit from this, Samsung will attract more consumers for its Neo QLED 8K TV, and Warner Bros will promote its highly expected upcoming movies. The trailer for the recently released movie, “Barbie,” will be the first thing displayed by Samsung this week. Following “Dune: Part Two,” “Wonka,” and “Aquaman 2,” the upcoming movies of Warner Bros will be promoted with the impressive QLED 8K TVs. With the help of the Neural Quantum Processor 8K and Quantum Matrix Technology, it is possible to deliver the greatest watching experience on the consumer TV market.

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Cheolgi Kim, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, stated,” This partnership is an exciting step forward for 8K content, showcasing Neo QLED 8 K’s capabilities and getting consumers excited about seeing films in cinematic quality. Collaborating with Warner Bros. allows Samsung to show consumers how ultra-premium TV technology can take their favorite films to a whole new level.”

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