Samsung Internet Browser lets you play video in background

Samsung Internet Browser is a web browser similar to Google Chrome. It is one of those Samsung apps that can run on non-Galaxy devices as well. Since 2015, it has been available for users on Google Play. For the betterment of the user’s experience, it continuously works on updates.

Samsung Internet Browser Background Play Feature

Recently, Samsung has rolled out its new July 2023 Update for its Internet Browser. This latest update will instigate a lot of the latest features and facilities for the convenience of the users. The most controversial feature in this update is Background play; it lets the users play video sounds after leaving the tab. However, this Background play feature is not supportable on some devices.

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This latest update is only available to users who have Samsung Internet Browser with this identification version. To enjoy the latest and amazing features, users must have this version of Samsung Internet on their devices.

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In this update, users can now playback multimedia content in the background. This allows the users to play the audio continuously of their video even after they switch or leave the application. This facility will surely enhance the user’s experience, especially now he can play the video listen to the song, and work on other apps at the same time.

How to enable Samsung Internet Background Play Feature

For enabling the Background Play feature on your devices follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Samsung Internet Browser.
  • Tap on the three lines available on the right corner.
  • Tap on Settings
  • Now, scroll down and go to Useful features
  • Tap on Background play 
  • Here you can choose three different options
    • On 
    • Only on headphones or external speakers 
    • Off 

You can even choose to activate it only with headphones or external speakers connected. To update the app to the latest version you can follow this link to the Galaxy Store.

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