Telegram released “Stories” feature for premium users

Telegram, the Stepbrother of Whatsapp, now has more than 800 Million monthly active users worldwide. It has this many users because it has left no stone unturned to give users the convenience they need, and due to this, now it is introducing a new feature with a new update. The name of this new feature is “Stories.”

Telegram already announced this new Stories feature officially last month, and now it is available only for users who have subscribed to Premium Membership. Now if we talk about the premium price of Telegram, it is 53.88 euros per annum, but an interesting thing is users can get the in-app discount of 36% which will be reduced to 33.99 euros from the original price. Obviously, the monthly charge scheme is also available, which is 4.49 euros per month.

The users who have Telegram’s premium membership are eligible to access various new features, including this latest add Stories feature, and also double limits on no ads.

Interestingly, this new feature, “Stories,” like meta-owned Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook, will not be removed after 24 hours. Telegram provides the facility to the users that they can set the time duration of their stories for up to 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours according to their convenience.

Telegram also offers one more facility to the users that they can create a list of people, for instance, family, friends, or colleagues, so that the users can share stories or post for them only. This facility helps the users to choose with whom they want to share their story or post.

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Telegram’s stories interface is much similar to Instagram, which looks in circular profile cards and appears at the top. It is expected that this feature will luckily soon be available for all users, but till then, this is only available for the users who have premium membership.

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