Samsung might adopt Titanium frame on the Galaxy S24 series

Samsung may launch its next lineup of Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S24 series, a year later. No information regarding the S24 series has been disclosed yet. A rumor has arisen stating that the upcoming model may be equipped with a titanium frame. This information was tipped off by Ice Universe, who shared an image of the periodic table typed with the number 22.

The element with the number 22 in the periodic table is titanium. Analyzing which model will receive the titanium frame design, a user has tweeted stating that it is related to the S24 Ultra. As of now, aluminum or stainless steel is highly preferred for designing premium products. Titanium has always been an expensive option for mobile manufacturers to implement. This is relatable, as the ultra variant will be the most expensive among the other variants.

There is also a rumor that Apple, the biggest rival of Samsung, will bring a titanium design to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which are expected to arrive next year. As a lightweight metal with exceptional corrosion resistance, aluminum is a great option for many applications where strength isn’t a key consideration. However, aluminum is more prone to dents and scratches than stainless steel since it is not as robust or long-lasting.

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Although heavier and more costly, stainless steel is more durable than aluminum. With a greater strength-to-weight ratio, titanium should make smartphones heavier compared to aluminum. But there is no guarantee that the S24 Ultra variant will equip the feature, as there has been no official announcement, and it’s just a rumor. If it turns out to be fake, then Samsung will continue to manufacture Armor Aluminum designs for its models. With the Galaxy S24 series or other series, we can expect a titanium frame.

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