Samsung Galaxy S24+ could be equipped with larger screen then its predecessor

We are something like six months away from the launch of the next flagship Galaxy device. If we talk on the basis of past habits of Samsung, then the company will host its next Unpacked event in the first quarter of next year, most likely in February. Which company will reveal the new Galaxy S series device, the Galaxy S24? Even with so much time left, we have a lot of information about the Galaxy S24 in the form of rumors.

The Galaxy S24+ will have a large screen.

According to a popular tipster, the Galaxy S24+ will be equipped with a 6.65-inch screen, which is larger than its predecessor. If we compare them, the Galaxy S24+ is 0.05 inches larger than the Galaxy S23+. It might seem like a small change in numbers, but it may affect the look of the device. This screen size change may also be because of the front camera shifting, which can give a whole new look to the devices; however, this is just our assumption; let’s see what the future holds. Apart from these, we have also reported some more news on the Galaxy S24. Let’s have a look at them.

Samsung Galaxy S24’s other expected changes

This time, Samsung will not make any extra improvements for its next flagship; the company will go with the same 200 MP camera module that was used in the Galaxy S23 device; however, Samsung this time enhanced the zoom capability with a 5x telephoto lens instead of a 3X sensor. The device may come with 65-watt fast charging. To enhance the performance of the devices, the company will reintroduce its own latest Exynos processor.

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