Android 14 to Improve App Launch Times

The Android operating system uses an environment called Android Runtime (ART) to run applications. By translating the application’s bytecode into naive instructions that are then carried out by the device’s runtime environment, ART takes the place of Dalvik, the process virtual machine that Android initially employed. The OS’s virtual application execution is handled by the Android Runtime (ART), which has been upgraded since Android 12 through Google Play System update. 

The newest information about ART and forthcoming improvements was released by Google today in their official post. In the post the business stated some facts about ART, “ART is the engine behind the Android operating system (OS). It provides the core runtime and APIs that all apps and most operating system services rely on. Both Java and Kotlin are compiled to bytecode executed by ART.” Now looking into what this update offers, runtime and compiler optimisations led to whooping improvements of up to 30% on some devices with the ART 13 update. 

The firm added that Android runtime updates are tested by compiling over 18 million APKs and running app compatibility tests, as well as startup, performance, and memory benchmarks on a variety of Android devices that replicate the diversity of their ecosystem as closely as possible. However, the update also brings some difficulties; for instance, in order to assure speed, the boot classpath, a group of Java libraries, has to be recompiled safely. Google also noted that Android Runtime updates improve memory usage, execution speed, and bytecode compilation efficiency.

ART 14 will debut in the coming months, according to the report, along with new compiler and runtime optimizations that improve performance while reducing the code size, in addition to OpenJDK 17. On Android 12 and later, ART upgrades are accessible through the Google Play System update. And coming to its availability, Google said that these upgrades will be made available soon.

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