Google Play System August 2023 update: What’s new

Every month Google introduces a new update for its system apps which are commonly available on all Android devices including Smartphones, tablets, Televisions, Auto and wearables. The updates most often aim to provide improvements to the security for the devices. The latest update is also following the same motto.

Google Play System update

With the latest Play system update, Google has brought some fixes which improve system management and diagnostics-related services. It means you will get an enhanced performance of the internal function of your device by working properly. This will  impact all of the Android devices including Android Auto, PC, Android TV, Android Phones, and Android wear.

While Android Auto will get one more novelty which strengthens the system management to improve privacy. All the innovation will be available through Google Play Services v23.30, follow the below steps to update it.

Install latest Google Play Services update

  1. Go to the System Settings 
  2. now, tap on the Apps section
  3. Search the Google Play Services and tap on it
  4. Now tap on the App details which will take you to the Google Play Store,
  5. Here if you see the update button on tap on it.

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